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  • What's the difference between the FOSS and the Enterprise Editions?
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The FOSS edition of the Marketcetera Automated Training Platform is complete and fully functional, there are some features that are available only in the Enterprise Edition.

DARE Cluster

The Enterprise Edition supports multiple hosts that can work together to provide High Availability and Failover (HA/FO) and better load balancing for multiple sessions. If one host is lost in a cluster due to a hardware or other failure, another host will pick up the broker sessions assigned to that host, resume communication, and guarantee message delivery for all missed messages. High-volume sessions can be managed by different DARE nodes to provide scalability. The FOSS version is limited to one DARE node.

Commercial Market Data Adapters

Market data adapters for providers like Activ Financial, Reuters, Lime, NASDAQ OMX-based feeds, and others are included in the Enterprise Edition.

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