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The default credentials for DARE are user/password. You share this user with all other evaluatorsthe same credentials you used to register with Marketcetera Confluence. When you install your own DARE appliance later, you can set up your own users.


The Order Ticket Views are used to place new orders and cancel replace order requests. There is a specialized Order Ticket View for each supported asset class.

FieldTypeRequiredDefaultEquityOptionFutureCurrencyMessage Field
BrokerDropdownYesAuto SelectYesYesYesYesSpecial1

YesYesYesYesSide (54)

YesYesYesYesOrderQty (38)

YesYesYesYesSymbol (55)
Order TypeDropdownYes

YesYesYesYesOrdType (40)

YesYesYesYesPrice (44)
TIFDropdownYesDayYesYesYesYesTimeInForce (59)

YesYesYesYesAccount (1)

YesYesYesYesMaxFloor (111)

Custom FieldsTableNo

Expiration YearNumber: YYYYFuture

NoNoYesNoMaturityMonthYear (200)
Expiration MonthDropdownFuture

NoNoYesNoMaturityMonthYear (200)
ExpiryNumber: YYYYMMDDOption

NoYesNoNoMaturityMonthYear (200), MaturityDay (205)

NoYesNoNoStrikePrice (202)

NoYesNoNoPutOrCall (201)

NoYesNoNoOpenClose (77)

NoYesNoNoOrderCapacity (528)
Near TenorNumber: YYYYMMDDNo

NoNoNoYesFutSettDate (64)
Far TenorNumber: YYYYMMDDNo

NoNoNoYesSettDate2 (193)
Base CurrencyRadio ButtonYesCCY1NoNoNoYesSpecial6
  1. The list of available brokers is provided by the Order Routing System. An order may be targeted to a specific broker or the default or "auto-selected" broker may be selected.

  2. The symbol entered is provided to the broker as-is. There is no official symbology for instruments that is respected by all brokers, exchanges, and market data providers. Some providers accept numeric codes, others use OSI for options, and others use proprietary symbology. This is exacerbated by symbology of market data providers. In the next major release, the Marketcetera Automated Trading Platform will provide a symbol standardization system that will make this easier to manage. For now, keep in mind that the symbol in the order ticket has to be something understood by the broker to which you send the order.
  3. Price is required for non-market orders
  4. The algo dropdown and table allows you to target an order to a broker-specified algorithm. These algorithms are defined in the Order Routing System configuration. For example, the broker may offer a special VWAP or TWAP algorithm with parameters that specify participation or start and end times. These algorithm specifications are part of the broker configuration provided by Marketcetera, Inc. to subscription customers. For non-subscription customers, you may research and define these algorithms yourself depending on what your broker offers.
  5. The custom fields table allows you to specify FIX fields and values on outgoing orders that are not covered by existing widgets on the order ticket.
  6. Specifies whether to use the left currency as the base or the right. For example, for the symbol, USD/EUR, CCY1 is USD and CCY2 is EUR. You may swap these by setting the radio button value to CCY2.