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Welcome to the Marketcetera Automated Trading Platform

What's New with Marketcetera

Version 3.0.12 was released 18-Oct. Along with The 3.x version introduced a number of bug fixes and smaller features, Marketcetera now integrates with TensorFlow. You provide the model, we incorporate it into data flows. As with all other 3.x versions, Marketcetera is now clustered and features High-Availability/Failover architecture.significant changes from 2.x, including:

  • Highly Available/Failover-capable architecture
  • Cluster support
  • Provisioning API
  • TensorFlow integration
  • Support for Java 7
  • Fine-grained permission system for all system operations

Work continues on 4.0.0. This version will include a number of big changes:

  • completely new architecture focusing on flexible data flows
  • change to Spring Boot for process and dependency management
  • upgrading underlying client API to HTTP2
  • expanding client API to include cluster, FIX session, data flows
  • new web UI
  • support for Java 8/Java 9