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The current user interface component is a native thick client with a bespoke package for each platform. For complicated reasons, Photon must be built with a Java 7 JDK (not Java 8 or later). Version 3.1.x will be the last version of Photon. We will be replacing Photon with a new, web-based client. Until the new client is ready, we will make sure that the 3.1.x Photon version will remain compatible with 3.2.x and future versions.

You can use the Java 8 JDK/JRE to run 3.1.x Photon, even though it was built with Java 7.

After installing the 3.2.x DARE/SE components, you must install the 3.1.x Photon package, if you want to use the user interface.

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  1. Please advise when the web based client is going to be ready. Thanks 

    1. We don't have a date yet, though we anticipate it will be this year (2019).