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Getting Started with Marketcetera

  1. Download the installer for your platform
  2. Run the installer. There are a few choices, but it's OK to just accept the defaults the first time through.
  3. Start the Strategy Engine. On Windows, there is a Start Menu option, you can also run from the command line on any platform. The Strategy Engine will connect to a cloud instance of DARE, the Marketcetera routing engine. If you follow the instructions, you'll also start a test market data adapter and create a data flow. The Strategy Engine, along with providing the ability to execute strategies, also serves as the Market Data Nexus in this configuration, that is, it supplies market data. As configured, the market data is randomly generated test data. Later on, you can switch to real market data, though there are typically costs associated with that.
  4. Start Photon, the user interface component. You'll be prompted to log in. Use your Confluence credentials (what you used to log in to this page).

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  1. I dont have permission to view run the installer link.

    Please grant access.